A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a continuation of the general purpose road-building tool found here. I'll keep both online to show how the project has progressed -- and the gifs on the old page are still relevant when learning to use the tool.

In all my tests I've found that this is not an easy tool to learn. But once learned it's quick to get from idea to playing the level.


Two types of road pieces. One is based on a bezier curve, the other is good for making circular roads (loops, spirals, or just an ordinary 90 degree turn). Switch between types with left/right arrows.

The shape of a road piece can be changed in the road ends. The width and banking curvature can be changed. By changing the type of the end the banking changes anchor point.

A road end can be joined with a road piece to form a junction. It reveals a few handles that makes it possible to shape the junction in pretty much any way.

The true power of the props have not been revealed yet! So far we've got some fence-like objects (red+white). These can be parented to roads (J for join) and positioned at the sides of the roads. Not too exciting yet. The power of the props lie in their ability to follow the road in the road space... more on that later.

Oh.. and then you can hit space to test the track!

a few tips

  • Target something and hit F to focus the camera on that. Hold right mouse button to orbit
  • When you have a road and want to extend it with another road piece then target the end and make a road
  • Hold shift when you want to move/rotate in increments. Good for making precise adjustments
  • Experiment! You can always ctrl+Z


  • More props such as speed boost, checkpoints and a goal line
  • Time tracking and saving of best times
  • ...and much more

path to save files

WIN:  C:/Users/[user]/AppData/LocalLow/DefaultCompany
MAC:  Library/Application Support/DefaultCompany/Roads

The app defaults to some generic save names (1, 2, 3, etc.), but you can change the file names manually. There are a few levels included (marked with *).


mac_2.0.1.app.zip 17 MB
win_2.0.1.zip 14 MB

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