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This is a mobile multiplayer game inspired by Spaceteam. I love Spaceteam, but it gets boring pretty quickly and the text is a problem for kids and non-english people. So I wanted to make something a bit deeper: a small adventure with some simple naval strategy and tactics.

Communication is a key part. Needing to work together is what can make this game great. You'll be with a group of friends, each with the game on their phone. You join the same ship and have to fight enemy ships. On your vessel are 4 cannons, one helm (to control the ship) and one scouting position at the top of the mast. That's it for now while testing the basic gameplay.

Steering the ship at the helm is important. The cannoneers can only aim the cannons up and down -- not to the sides! So the ship's side has to face the enemy as often as possible. When at a cannon your view is poor, so you don't know what's going on everywhere else. The scout can help with that. He has a good overview of the situation from the mast and can tell the cannoneers when to switch side and can tell the captain when a ship is pulling up behind them.

In this video I recruit some AI pirates for my ship (pretend they're other players) and fight the enemy ships. In the end I tweak some variables to change the water.

to do

  • explain the different parts of the game. Water simulation, collision, and displacement shader. Network. Particles? AI.

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